Project Brief

Medical VR experience

Hospice Savannah

Adobe Immersive Tools

End of Life Bucket List Experience

Hot Air Balloon Experience

Joseph Candler Hospital & Hospice Savannah tasked the SCAD collaboration team to create 3 virtual reality experiences for Hospice and Palliative care patients.

How might we utilize virtual technologies to aid the healing process of patients and their caretakers and beat the Opioid crisis?

We came up with a Virtual Reality hot air balloon tour across the world. Our bucket list experience is geared towards the underlying theme of unfulfilled dreams.

Starting in Forsyth Park, Savannah, the tour flies across the world to destinations such as the Amazon rainforest, the great wall of China, Venice, Petra of Jordan, and the northern lights of Iceland.

Target Audience: Patients in hospice and palliative care, mainly those who might be bedridden and have low to no mobility. Ages typically 65+. But this experience is not only for people in hospice but for general analgesia in any wing of medical care.

Goal: This VR experience can be harnessed for:

Chronic pain management

Procedural analgesia for burn treatment or minor procedures

Stress reduction

Relaxation Used to prep patients for

Chemo and radiation

Anxiety Relief

Method: To meet the goal of serving multiple unique use cases and making them accessible to the audience, we chose to curate a passive experience. The pseudo-interactive nature of the experience is all-inclusive and also allows users that are bedridden and not technologically apt to participate and immerse themselves in the experience.

A passive experience would also give us the freedom of platform. Since there is no game engine required to run the experience, we can export it to video streaming platforms that can be easily accessed and run on inexpensive hardware, providing opioid-free healthcare for all.

My Role: Production Manager

Plan and organize the project pipeline

Immersive 360 video editing in After Effects

Compositing in After Effects

Post Project Recognitions